Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Arrow - A Tale of the Two Roses

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England at the time of the Wars of the Roses. Richard "Dick" Shelton grows up with his warden Sir Daniel Brackley, an - albeit opportunistic - supporter of the red rose. Dick witnesses the fortress commander of Tunstall - his father's castle - being shot by a black arrow. But the arrow is more than just a tool of death: a letter of confession reveals a secret brotherhood that holds Brackley responsible for the death of Dick's father - also a knight - and vows revenge. Dick is torn between loyalty and doubt and is drawn deeper into the turmoil of the Wars of the Roses.

While others he knows die by black arrow, he encounters the Duke of Glouceser, a follower of the White Rose, and fights in the Battle of Shoresby. Trying to save his great love from a forced marriage, he himself falls into captivity and great danger.

Will he find his father's true murderer and take the right side in this deadly civil war?

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