Robert Louis Stevenson

Prince Otto: A Romance

Buchcover: Prince Otto von Robert Louis Stevenson
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The romantic story of Prince Otto is set in the fictional kingdom of Grunewald. The latter does not have a good reputation among the population and is considered incompetent. In search for the reasons, Otto hears rumors that his wife - Princess Amalia Seraphina - is having an affair with Baron Gondremark, of all people, the person who actually runs the government. Then an English traveler shows up with a dangerous report about the kingdom of Grunewald. Also the true motives of his wife seem less clear than Otto would have guessed at the beginning. What role does the Baroness Von Rosen, the mistress of Gondremark, actually have in this? Will Otto be able to win back the love of his wife as well as the rule over his homeland and avert the threat of war with the neighboring country of Gerolstein? Or will he be swallowed up by the intrigues that arise?

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